About Us

Lirkim was founded in 2007 with more than 25 years of experience,  Lirkim entered the ceramic sector to share high quality,reliable products and knowledge with customers. Lirkim always aims to support customers and partners from production to technical support.
Lirkim has 1000 square meters open and 1000 square meters close area  chemical, production facility which is located in Eskişehir.

Lirkim continues to provide auxiliary products for tile ceramic sector while creating solutions for customers and business inquries in all circumstances. Beside sales, Lirkim also provides technical service for partners and customers. We offer custom production according to customer’s needs and requests with Lirkim’s ceramic engineers.

Lirkim always continues to produce products environmentally responsible and procedure properly. All of our products are subjected to quality controls through whole production. Lirkim believes in principle of trustworthy and honest trade.